Open-back headphones are consistently popular among various headphones. That is why music fans prefer an open headphone to listen to music in a peaceful home setting, without significant noise from the outside.

In this article, we will deal with all the nuances of open headphones and determine how loud open-back headphones are.

Features of open-back headphones

Open back headset doesn’t protect the listener from such intrusion because of their nature. Ear cups have back panels without noise insulation (for example, it can be an acoustically transparent mesh).

An additional aspect of the open design is the free flow of the sound waves produced by the transmitters – the “leak sound”. When listening to music at high volume, others will hear it, which sometimes may be undesirable.
However, there are several advantages to this design.

Advantages of open-back headphones

Philips open-back-headphonesThe first one is the feeling of increased space. This solution gives the impression of a wide sound stage. It’s like listening to a Hi-Fi stereo pair. The listener gets the most natural-sounding of instruments and voices. Because of this sound, open-back headphones are best suited for listening at home, such as vinyl.
The second benefit: open headphones are excellent for listening to movie soundtracks – the listener can also feel right at the heart of what’s going on the television only with a two-channel signal.

We have formulated these benefits in terms of the listening scenario at home. Natural leakage of sound from the earphone at the back makes them very poor for places outside of your home or personal spaces.

open-back-headphonesMoreover, even people around you will be able to hear the sound from your headphones, especially in a quiet environment. While the open-head listening experience is fantastic, it is not suitable for places like libraries, transport, or anywhere else that might disturb others.
All of the above applies to both on-ear open headphones and open full-size headphones. Open headphones are the preferred choice of many music lovers for a captivating and dynamic sound that is great for listening to music of all genres. Besides, open-back headphones are very comfortable for extended use.