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How to Connect Turntable to Sonos?

Let’s begin by saying that Sonos is a home audio system, which helps people to play their favorite music almost from any source, including online streaming services, on any speaker in your house.

One of the reasons people use it is Sonos’s high-quality speakers. It can provide a much better listening experience than playing records through traditional speaker systems.

Additionally, connecting a turntable to this home audio system can allow people to control their music collection from the mobile app that can be very convenient.

  • Check your turntable if it has a phono preamp, because maybe you’ll need an external one.
  • It isn’t recommended to connect your music device directly to a Sonos speaker.
  • In any case, ensure that you have all the necessary cables and adapters needed for connection.

Now, when you know what you need to get started, connection between the turntable and the system is pretty easy to provide. It will allow you to listen to and enjoy your vinyl like never before.

A turnatable with Sonos

How to connect them?

One of the most common ways is usage of an RCA cable with a 3.5 mm mini-jack or digital optical cable. Besides, you can use a phono preamp to amplify the signal from the turntable and as a result to make it compatible with Sonos. In any case, a built-in preamp means you can connect the device directly to your Sonos, just follow next tips:

  • Connect one end of the RCA cable with a 3.5 mm mini-jack, or digital optical cable, to the output on your turntable.
  • Do the same with the other end of the chosen cable, but connect it to the LINE IN port on the back of your Sonos product.
  • If you’re using a phono preamp, try to connect it to the PHONO IN port on the back of your Sonos product.
  • Obviously select the LINE IN or PHONO IN source on your Sonos product.
  • Now, try to adjust the volume on your home audio system and turntable.

Is it possible to connect the turntable to Sonos wirelessly?

Yes, you can do it wirelessly. There are a few different ways of connection, and the best way will depend on the type of turntable you have.

If you have a Bluetooth-enabled turntable, you can connect it to your Sonos system with a Bluetooth connection.

If the turntable isn’t Bluetooth-enabled, you can still connect it wirelessly using a wireless adapter. There are a few different types of wireless adapters, and the best one will depend on the type of turntable.

Once you have connected them wirelessly, you’ll have a chance to enjoy all your favorite vinyl collections with the fantastic sound quality.

Sonos speakers

What adaptor to choose?

There are a few different types of Bluetooth adapters, and the best one for you will depend on the type of your turntable.

If you have a stereo turntable, you’ll need an adapter with RCA outputs. If we speak about a mono turntable, it is necessary to consider a Bluetooth adapter with a phono output.

Once you’ve decided which type of adapter you need, you can choose from various brands and models.

Are all turntables compatible with Sonos?

No, not all turntables are compatible with Sonos. In order to provide the connection to Sonos, the turntable must feature either a built-in phono pre-amplifier or a separate phono pre-amplifier, which is compatible with Sonos products. In the opposite case, it will not work with Sonos products. Therefore, it’s really better to check the compatibility of a turntable model before you decide to buy it.

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