Best Record Player Under 1000 Dollars

The time of rediscovering vinyl has come. We bet you’ve waited for this because you can finally indulge in the warm and lossless end-to-end analog sound.

Best All-In-One Turntable

If you appreciate the warm sound of vinyl and are looking to invest in the best all-in-one turntable offered on the market, you’ve come to the right place.

Best Portable Turntables

Vinyl is almost eternal for sound recording history. It has pleasant aberrations and has a much longer life cycle than a tape solution.

Best Turntable Under $200

Turntables never were expensive, but they have some signs of a posh life of a sound maniac. Today high fashion of the audio industry exploits the merits of vinyl.

Can You Connect Airpods To Bluetooth Turntable?

Many people have wondered if it’s possible to connect Airpods to Bluetooth turntables. Yes, you can connect Airpods to a Bluetooth turntable. All you need is a Bluetooth-enabled turntable and…

Turntable vs Record Player

Despite the technological advances in music listening over the past decade, vinyl records have made a big comeback.

Best Turntable Under $100 Reviews

Are you going to buy your first turntable? Don’t want to spend an arm and leg to listen to vinyl? Good news! Today’s market offers decent payers under $100!

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Do you love listening to vinyl records? If so, you need to check out the best semi-automatic turntables on the market today. These turntables make it easy for you to…

Best Headphones for Turntable Reviews

Many of us prefer listening to vinyl records through speakers; however, using headphones for this purpose can be an enjoyable experience if you have the right pair.

Best Record Players for Sonos Review

If you are a vinyl fan who also highly appreciates the convenience of modern technologies, you may be interested in pairing your turntable with Sonos wireless speakers.

Best Bluetooth Record Player Reviews

As a man who grew up in the 80s and still owns a record player, I am always on the lookout for new things that combine old music technology with…

Best Speakers for Audio-Technica Turntables

Audio Technica is a reputable, well-trusted brand that manufactures high-quality vinyl players. If you own a turntable from this brand or plan to buy one, you need to know the…

Best Record Players Under $300

A turntable is an old-school way of playing music, but nowadays the love for vinyl is making a major comeback. Typically, turntables aren’t cheap models produced in bulk, but lucky…

Best Belt Drive Record Player

You are here because you would like to purchase the best belt drive turntable to maximize the vinyl listening experience. I respect your intention and would like to help you…

How To Choose a Turntable

In parallel with the arrival of digital dematerialized music, I am witnessing the resurgence of old-school analog music in the world of Hi-Fi, particularly with the glorious return of vinyl…