Can You Touch The Needle On A Record Player

You can touch a needle on a turntable, but it’s not recommended. Touching a turntable needle means you will inevitably scratch the record or leave behind oils from your fingers…

When Should I Replace My Record Needle?

Over time, a vinyl record’s sound quality degrades for several reasons: dust accumulates on the record surface, the vinyl itself or needle becomes worn down.

Can A Bad Vinyl Ruin A Needle?

In most cases – no. But it is always better to have a good record. If the needle slides across an imperfect surface, it wears out quickly

Can a Warped Record Be Fixed

Your records may become warped over time, in most cases due to improper storage. Or, if you order a record online, a courier service can warp it during transit. You…

Is RCA Same as Phono

For sure, you know how an RCA connector looks like. And you probably noticed that the same connector is sometimes called phono or RCA phono. So, are all these names…

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Which is Better MM or MC Cartridge

For audiophiles, the debate of MM vs MC cartridge is a never-ending one. Which one is better for you? Should you get an MM or MC cartridge? In fact, there…

How To Fix a Ground Loop

A ground cable can create a wide variety of problems, including the notorious hum that annoys everyone.

A Guide To Changing Songs On a Record Player

If you started to appreciate music and became a true connoisseur, bought yourself a vinyl turntable, and bought many records, you will probably come across the fact that you do…

How To Make a Turntable Louder

The music signal from the record player is very weak compared to the music signal from other devices from the players. Based on this, the music signal from the turntable…

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Sometimes it can be tricky to add a turntable to a soundbar. Now we will consider the options for this connection and highlight the main points that every interested user…

How to Ground a Record Player

The problem of grounding a turntable is very common among vinyl lovers. That is why I propose to consider how to properly and quickly ground the turntable.

What to Do When a Record Is Skipping

All users are well aware of how unpleasant it is to realize that the playback is interrupted. In fact, there are many reasons that could cause this.