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Do Record Players Need Electricity?

do record players need electricity?

In the dynamic world of music, the charm of vinyl records stands timeless, beckoning enthusiasts to explore the deep realms of sound through a turntable. However, a lingering question among many is, “Do record players need electricity?”.

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Why Is My Record Player Playing Too Fast?

Why is my record player playing too fast

Discovering that your cherished vinyl collection doesn’t sound quite right can be a frustrating experience. If you’ve noticed your record player playing too fast, you’re certainly not the only one encountering this problem.

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The Most Selling Vinyl Records

Winyl records

In a world reverberating with an ever-growing array of music formats, the allure of vinyl records endures, entrancing aficionados and new listeners alike. For many, it’s the warm, full sound that vinyl delivers, a sensory delight that beckons them to the golden era of music.

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How To Use Headphones With a Turntable

headphones with a turntable

The timeless allure of vinyl meets modern comfort. If you’ve ever yearned to enjoy the classic warmth of a vinyl record through your favorite headphones, you’re in the right place.

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How To Tell If a Record Is a First Pressing?

How to tell if a record is a first pressing

In the captivating world of vinyl collecting, not every old record is a coveted first pressing. It’s a common misconception that age is the defining factor; in reality, many records were crafted well after the initial release.

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Does Playing a Record at The Wrong Speed Damage It?

Does playing a record at the wrong speed damage it

Have you ever settled into your favorite armchair, ready to enjoy some old-school tunes, only to realize the song playing sounds eerily deep or chipmunk-high? The culprit: your turntable’s speed settings.

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How To Connect a Turntable to Soundbar

turntable to soundbar

Connecting a turntable to the soundbar may be tricky. Now we will consider the options for this connection and highlight the main points that every interested user should know.

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How to Ground a Record Player

ground a record player

The problem of grounding a record player is very common among vinyl lovers. That is why I propose to consider how to properly and quickly ground the turntable. To do this, there are six universal steps.

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Will a Cheap Turntable Damage Your Records

Will a cheap turntable damage your records

Are cheap record players bad? This question may linger in the minds of many, especially those newly venturing into the world of vinyl records. It’s all too easy to succumb to the allure of a budget-friendly turntable when you’re just starting out.

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Is RCA Same as Phono

Is RCA same as phono

For sure, you know what an RCA connector looks like. And you probably noticed that the same connector is sometimes called phono or RCA phono.

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Which is Better MM or MC Cartridge

MM or MC cartridge

For audiophiles, the debate of MM vs MC cartridge is a never-ending one. Which one is better for you? Should you get an MM or MC cartridge? In fact, there are many things to consider when deciding on what type to use.

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How Are Vinyls Made?

how are vinyls made

Behind each vinyl record lies an intricate process, various techniques that transform raw materials into musical treasures. In this article, I’ll peel back the curtain on the artful steps of recording, mastering, and pressing that breathe life into vinyl records.

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Exploring Vinyl’s Price Tag: Why Are Vinyls So Expensive?

why are vinyls so expensive?

Vinyl records are experiencing a resounding revival in the modern music landscape. But why are vinyls so expensive, and what determines the price tags attached to them? Join me on a journey of unraveling influences that sway the cost of vinyl records, from rarity and demand to production techniques and collector’s allure.

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Crosley Turntables: Quality Question Answered

is Crosley a good record player?

Are Crosley turntables good? This is quite a frequent question that concerns not only novice vinyl enthusiasts. Even more advanced music fans often get into arguments with their colleagues about it.

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Are Victrola Record Players Good?

are Victrola record players good?

Are Victrola record players good? This is a question novice vinyl enthusiasts often ask me. In this article, I will explore the features and qualities of Victrola record players, a renowned brand in the industry.

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Decoding 180-Gram Vinyl Meaning

180 gram vinyl explained

Beyond the auditory delights, the appeal of 180-gram vinyl lies in its collectible nature, a treasure trove for those who cherish rare editions and limited releases. Each record embodies a tale of artistry and dedication, a narrative of musicians’ craftsmanship that elevates music to an art form.

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How To Use A Record Player

how to use a record player

If you’ve ever been intrigued by the charm of vinyl records and want to experience music in a nostalgic and authentic way, learning how to use a record player is essential.

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How Record Weights Elevate Vinyl Playback

what is a record weights

The pursuit of optimal sound quality and the preservation of cherished music collections is a constant endeavor. One aspect that contributes to the audio experience is the proper use of record weight.

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Essential Tips for Properly Cleaning Your Record Player Needle

how to clean record needle

A clean stylus is of utmost importance regarding the proper functioning and longevity of a turntable. It’s a delicate part that serves as the primary medium, and regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary to avoid common problems such as distorted sound, skipping, increased surface noise, and record wear.

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IKEA Vinyl Record Storage Solutions

IKEA record storage

IKEA has established itself as a household name and a place to find furniture and home decor solutions. With a wide range of products, affordable prices, and practical design, IKEA has gained immense popularity among consumers worldwide.

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Parts of a Turntable

record player parts

The turntable is a unique audio piece of equipment that allows you to enjoy the timeless charm of vinyl records. It consists of several main parts, each of which plays a vital role in the playback process.

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Can I Clean Vinyl Records With Soap and Water?

Can I clean vinyl records with soap and water?

Yes, it’s quite possible to do it. Ensure to use a mild soap and don’t forget to rinse the record thoroughly afterward. Try to avoid harsh chemicals or cleaners as they can damage the vinyl.

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The Largest Collections Of Vinyl Records

Vinyl collection

A lot of people collect vinyl records. Some people do it because of their love of the music itself. They may enjoy the sound quality of vinyl or prefer the aesthetic of collecting physical records.

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What Is The Auto Stop Feature In a Turntable?

What is the Auto Stop feature in a turntable

If you’re a vinyl enthusiast, keeping your turntable in good condition is key to preserving your records and getting the best sound quality possible. The auto-stop function is one important feature to look for when purchasing or upgrading a turntable.

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Does Vinyl Sound Better Than CD?

Does vinyl sound better than CD

When it comes to music, there are many different formats that you can choose from. For example, you can listen to songs on the radio or purchase them online.

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Manual vs Automatic Turntable

An Automatic Turntable

Turntables are popular among music lovers who appreciate the warm, analog sound they produce. However, many people also enjoy the tactile experience of handling vinyl records and the visual appeal of watching the needle move across the grooves of a spinning record.

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How Does a Vertical Turntable Work?

A vertical turntable

Let’s begin with saying that a vertical turntable spins the vinyl record vertically instead of horizontally. It gives a possibility of placing the record on the platter without worrying about the weight of the arm and cartridge.

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Why Does My Record Player Sound Bad?

Why does my record player sound bad

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you own or have owned a record player at some point in your life. And if that’s the case, there’s also a good chance that you’ve experienced firsthand just how bad they can sound.

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How To Hook Up Turntable To Receiver Without Phono Input?

Using a turntable with receiver

If you come across such a situation, you can use a phono preamp in order to connect your devices. That means this device will improve the signal from your turntable and besides, it will make it compatible with receivers, which don’t have a phono input.

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How to Connect Turntable to Sonos?

Sonos products

Let’s begin by saying that Sonos is a home audio system, which helps people to play their favorite music almost from any source, including online streaming services, on any speaker in your house.

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How Does a Record Player Work?

A record player

Firstly, it is needed to highlight that any record player or phonograph works in the way of spinning any vinyl record at a constant speed and using a stylus to read the grooves in the record.

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What Are Types Of Vinyl Records?

types of vinyl records

People can come across different classifications of vinyl records. Usually, it can depend on a variety of factors, including the manufacturing process, sound quality, and durability.

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How To Connect Turntable To Speakers

Connect Turntable To Speakers

Now that you’ve got your turntable all set up, it’s time to connect it to some speakers! If you’re not sure how to do that, or what kind of speakers to get, don’t worry – we’ll walk you through the process.

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How Long Do Turntable Cartridges Last?

example of turntable

In this article, we will explore the average lifespan of a phono cartridge. It is a common question from people who love listening to vinyl records and want to know how long their expensive cartridge purchase will last before it needs to be replaced.

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Do All Cartridges Fit All Turntables?

Do all cartridges fit all turntables?

To get the best sound from your cartridge, you have to match it with the appropriate tonearm and turntable. A mismatch of a cartridge and a tonearm/turntable will likely reduce the fidelity of your system. Therefore, you must know some basic facts about each part to make an informed purchase.

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Can You Touch The Needle On A Record Player

touch the needle on a record player

You can touch a needle on a turntable, but it’s not recommended. Touching a turntable needle means you will inevitably scratch the record or leave behind oils from your fingers that will attract other contaminants, which will damage both the stylus and record mathematically.

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How Often Should You Clean Your Stylus?


It is without a doubt one of the most frequently asked questions. The quick and easy answer is: at least twice a month. But it depends on how often you use a turntable and how much dirt has accumulated on a stylus.

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When Should I Replace My Record Needle?

when should replace record needle

Over time, a vinyl record’s sound quality degrades for several reasons: dust accumulates on the record surface, the vinyl itself or needle becomes worn down.

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Can A Bad Vinyl Ruin A Needle?

turntable needle

In most cases – no. But it is always better to have a good record. If the needle slides across an imperfect surface, it wears out quickly

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Can a Warped Record Be Fixed

Can a warped record be fixed

Your records may become warped over time, in most cases due to improper storage. Or, if you order a record online, a courier service can warp it during transit. You might wonder whether warped records can be fixed.

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Is It OK To Leave a Record On The Turntable

Is it OK to leave a record on the turntable

If you are a real audiophile, then you would never even think of doing this. But, if you are just an average music listener, you probably do it once in a while. If your conscience still makes you worry if leaving a record on the turntable is OK or not, then here are some thoughts on the subject for you.

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Can you play 45s on a regular record player

Can you play 45s on a regular record player

This article will tell you how to convert your regular record player to one that can play 45s. It will also provide information on the difference between regular records and 45s and shed light on the causes that made them different.

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How To Fix a Ground Loop

fix a ground loop

A ground cable can create a wide variety of problems, including the notorious hum that annoys everyone.

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The Reason That My Record Player Is Much Quieter Than a CD Player

Why is my record player so quiet

Suppose we assume that you have several pieces of equipment connected, such as a vinyl player, a CD player, or a Blu-ray player connected to a receiver. In that case, it can sound very loud and high quality, or, on the contrary, quite quiet for such equipment.

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A Guide To Changing Songs On a Record Player


If you started to appreciate music and became a true connoisseur, bought yourself a vinyl turntable, and bought many records, you will probably come across the fact that you do not know how to skip songs on vinyl.

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How To Make a Turntable Louder

make turntable louder

The music signal from the record player is very weak compared to the music signal from other devices from the players. Based on this, the music signal from the turntable must go through an additional amplification stage before it can be connected to the same inputs on your receiver. It is for this type of …

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What to Do When a Record Is Skipping

Record skipping

All users are well aware of how unpleasant it is to realize that the playback is interrupted. In fact, there are many reasons that could cause this.

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Gifts For Record Collectors And Vinyl Lovers

Gifts for record collectors

It is difficult to find a gift for a real vinyl fan – most likely, he already has all the key attributes of his hobby. We tried to find non-obvious and interesting options for what can be presented to music lovers. There are inexpensive gifts, the purchase of which can be mastered alone, and serious options, which should be thrown by the company.

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