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Is It OK To Leave a Record On The Turntable

As an experienced audiophile, I am deeply passionate about preserving the condition of my vinyl records. However, many beginners may not pay attention to this aspect, which is really important! Is it bad to leave records on the turntable? This topic requires careful consideration.

To be honest, there is no single and distinctive answer to this, but we will discuss some points that will explain this subject area. Based on my own experience, I can say that nothing bad will happen if you leave a record on the turntable for a day or more, but there are nuances I’d like to elaborate on.

What can happen to a record left on the turned-off record player?

what can happen to a record left on the turned-off record player

Let’s assume you accidentally (or intentionally) left your LP on the record player. So, what could be happening to your vinyl while it sits there on the stationary turntable?

Physical strain on the record

When vinyl is left on a device for an extended period, physical strain occurs. Additionally, the constant pressure exerted by the turntable’s needle can also have a significant impact. It continuously applies pressure on the same spot of the vinyl, causing wear and tear over time that can be distinctive for automatic or a semi-automatic turntables. This repetitive stress may result in groove damage, affecting the record’s overall sound quality and durability.

Exposure to dust and environmental factors

If you leave your vinyl records lying around, they can gather dust, especially in the little grooves on the surface. This dust can make your music sound scratchy. And as you might guess, dust can completely ruin a record over time.

Also, sunlight, humidity, and temperature changes can damage the vinyl over time. Sunlight might warp or change the color of your records, and too much humidity can make mold grow. So, it’s important to keep your records in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Risk of accidental damage

Leaving vinyl on the turntable (for a long time) endangers them to accidental damage, making them more prone to scratches and other physical harm from unintentional touches, household pets, or other incidents.

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