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How Often Should You Clean Your Stylus?

We all love the unique warm sound that comes out of our record player speakers. Actually, that pristine audio experience relies on a tiny yet critical component: the stylus. The thing is that this delicate tip acts as the bridge between the groove of your record and the cartridge. It translates those physical etchings into electrical signals to create sound. So, to maintain optimal sound quality and protect your vinyl collection, proper stylus care is essential. In this guide I provide, we will delve into how often to clean a turntable stylus and look through some techniques to do it correctly, causing no harm.

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Is it difficult to clean the stylus, and what do I need for it?

is it difficult to clean the stylus, and what do I need for it

To be honest, it’s not difficult to clean a stylus. Many people think you can’t touch the needle tip because it might permanently damage your vinyl, but the truth is that touching the needle tip will not cause any severe harm to your record or stylus.

Maintenance of your record player stylus doesn’t require any special skills or tools. There are different ways of cleaning, so what tools you need depends on your choice. I can say that only a few brushes or special detergents are all it takes to get rid of the most stubborn dirt.

In what ways can I clean a stylus on the turntable?

in what ways can I clean a stylus on the turntable

Since this component requires careful and gentle treatment, mistakes can happen at any time. Therefore, it is essential to be careful and cautious while cleaning the needle and take proper measures for this purpose. There are some different ways to clean it properly:

Cleaning with a brush

You can only use this method if you realize that the stylus doesn’t need much care at this point because this method is pretty superficial. For this purpose, you can grab a brush with soft bristles and clean the stylus in a circular motion all over its length from bottom to top. Such a procedure will not take much time.

Cleaning with isopropyl alcohol

Cleaning a turntable needle with isopropyl alcohol requires a bit more care and attention. Firstly, you should take an isopropyl alcohol swab and soak it in the fluid, then clean your stylus with this swab very carefully from bottom to top, in a circular motion as well.

Cleaning with a cartridge cleaner

This, honestly, is the best way to clean your stylus. To conduct it, you should take the cleaner and attach it to your turntable’s tonearm. After that, gently place it on top of your cartridge’s body and press a lever that helps release fluid on top of the needle. This fluid will contact the stylus and remove all the dirt particles from it.

Cleaning with a stylus cleaning fluid

You can also polish the stylus with special liquids to help remove all the dirt from this small part. But before performing it, you must remember to hold your stylus vertically and brush it only from top to bottom. So, take one of the fluids and brush over the needle. Do it gently to avoid any damage.

Moreover, you can use a special brush to clean your stylus; you can find one at any record store for this purpose. Such brushes are very soft and gentle to your record player’s needle, so they are always preferable to the alternative methods.

How to avoid damage when cleaning a stylus on the turntable?

how to avoid damage when cleaning a stylus on the turntable

Cleaning the stylus is important, but if done wrong, it can damage both the stylus itself and your record. To avoid any harm, you have to always unplug the cable connecting your tonearm and cartridge before cleaning the needle. Alternatively, some models may come with a standard button that you can press to disconnect both parts from each other.

Also, a good quality stylus brush is important, and you should ensure that you do not apply too much force when removing any dust or dirt. As you can see, it’s pretty simple. Keep your turntable clean, and it will serve you for many years to come.

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