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Does Playing a Record Clean It?

There is one common myth that playing a record cleans it up. Let`s see if this is so.

In fact, using dirty records is a bad idea. The bottom line is that the needle does not press hard on the groove of the record. It is all about the counterweight. Moreover, because of this, the needle can only remove the topmost layer of dust.

However, a layer of “old” dust, which has settled deep in the groove, will damage the needle. Then, the damaged needle will spoil the grooves of the record.

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Besides, the needle, removing the top layer of dust, can compact the formed micro-mildew, which often appears on the plates that are not stored properly. Moisture collects in such mold, which has a very negative effect on the service life of the plate.

Cleaning of vinyl records

To avoid damaging the records, they must be thoroughly cleaned. There are two ways of washing the plates.

First, the manual, without the help of special washing devices – vacuum and ultrasonic. A plastic container is required for manual washing. Better if it will be a special device for manual cleaning of vinyl records. The convenience of such devices with a limited budget is undeniable. They cope well with pollution, take up little space, and do not require an electrical connection.

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The next is the automatic way. It can be a vacuum or ultrasonic. Cleaning vinyl records with a vacuum device is more effective since the emulsion resulting from the interaction of a special liquid and dirt is removed by a strong suction air stream from the groove into the reservoir of the washing device. As a result, vinyl washing is significantly reduced due to conditional drying.

Cleaning of vinyl records with ultrasound also occurs with the help of detergent and brushes, but it differs in the principle of operation. The ultrasonic emitter creates acoustic waves that form “exploding” bubbles in the smallest jets of solution, pushing out foreign inclusions from the groove.

So, understanding how to properly wash vinyl records and what is necessary, you will keep your collection for a long time.

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