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Can You Touch The Needle On A Record Player

The record player needle, also known as the stylus, is a tiny component that plays a critical role in translating the physical grooves of a vinyl record into the electrical signals going out of your speakers. Yes, indeed, this “baby” is very important and should be handled with great care. Well, can you touch the record player needle? Is it okay? As a vinyl enthusiast, I can tell you there’s no need to fear a little contact, but there are some things to keep in mind not to damage both the stylus and the record itself. Let’s go through some points to understand proper needle treatment. Believe me, it’s really important!

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How do finger oils damage the needle on a record player?

how do finger oils damage the needle on a record player

Finger oils can damage a record player needle (stylus) in a couple of ways; for example, they can leave a thin, greasy film on the delicate tip of the stylus, and because of it, a needle may not be able to read the groove variations cleanly, resulting in unwanted distortion in the audio. Moreover, if the stylus can’t follow the grooves exactly because of fingerprints, it’s like it’s bumping along instead of gliding smoothly, and this bumping can wear down the needle and scratch the record.

How to clean finger oils from a needle on a record player?

To effectively clean finger oils from your record player needle, don’t use random stuff like cotton swabs or alcohol. I recommend using special cleaning solutions and items like a stylus brush or cleaning fluid. These are gentle and won’t harm your needle. You can buy all these accessories in a specialized store or order them online.

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Another good choice is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, known for its safe and effective cleaning. Use these proper tools to keep your record player needle working well for a long time.

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