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How to Ground a Record Player

The problem of grounding a turntable is very common among vinyl lovers. That is why I propose to consider how to properly and quickly ground the turntable. To do this, there are six universal steps.

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Turning off the power of the player

Before any work, first of all, you must turn off the power of the player and the amplifier to avoid system malfunctions and sudden breakdowns. In this way, you will prevent all harmful noise and many dangerous accidents from electric shock in the speakers when connected.

Look for turntable grounding wire

To ground a turntable, you need to know its wires as well as any electrical equipment connected to it. In most devices, they usually connect under the metal chassis of the turntable. In addition, they have an unconnected copper spade with a connector. Moreover, in most turntables, this wire is green for convenience. The wire is likely bent under the chassis and covered with a zip tie. So, you need to remove the winding from the wire.

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Locating the Ground Terminal on the Amplifier

The ground terminal on your amplifier or receiver is usually located on the back of the turntable. Among other things, it is also marked “ground”. If you find this thing, you just need to disconnect the ground terminal.

Connecting the Ground Wire to the Amplifier Ground Terminal

After disconnecting the ground terminal, make sure the turntable ground wire is connected to the amplifier ground terminal. Then, move the equipment so that the distance between the amplifier and the turntable is minimized.

Drop the Ground Wire with the Spade Connector to the Grounding Terminal

Lower the ground wire using the paddle plug to the ground lug. When moving the equipment, you must push the grounding wire with a spudger to the grounding lug. Then you need to tighten the joint with moderate force, but be sure to keep it at a limited level.

Connect power and check operation

To complete the grounding process of the turntable, be sure to turn off the power to the turntable and amplifier.

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