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How Do I Stop My Turntable Humming

If the question is how to stop turntable hum, the answer will be very simple since it is not difficult.

Often, the hum is an electronic hum that greatly interferes with listening and ruins the entire listening experience. There are several steps to avoid this phenomenon, it is not difficult for them to follow, and the breakdown itself is not difficult to fix.

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Why is my vinyl humming?

The most common cause of hum is a commonplace problem with the wiring inside the audio system. Firstly, it is worth calculating where exactly the problem is coming from: if the amplifier is tuned to one input through which a vinyl player is played, then there is a breakdown in the device itself.

A separate problem can be the phono stage, which can also cause hum to a certain extent. Likewise, a faint hum often occurs when using cheap turntables with low-quality equipment. Turntable buzzing can disturb you when the amplifier is tuned to the input where the turntable is turned on.

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How do I fix a humming or buzzing turntable?

Before repairing, you always need to determine the essence of the problem. More often than not, it is best to check that the turntable’s ground wire is working properly. Many modern amplifiers feature a terminal designed for grounding by connecting a ground wire.

It is also worth checking that the connection is correct because your turntable, amplifier, and preamplifier must all be connected to the same power board for a proper and smooth power supply.

The correct connection also plays a critical role in turntable noise troubleshooting. Do not be lazy and check if all the cables are tightly connected. Special attention is paid to RCA cables, tonearm wires, and, of course, connecting the cartridges.

Speaking of cartridges, it is worth considering that they can also be faulty and cause hum. The strength of the magnetic field in the turntable can damage the cartridges. Here the turntable buyers guide, which will help you to pick a turntable.

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