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How To Connect a Turntable to Soundbar

Connecting a turntable to the soundbar may be tricky. Now we will consider the options for this connection and highlight the main points that every interested user should know.

The reason for the difficulty lies in the following: most soundbars are incompatible with the analog signal output by players. Most soundbars only have digital inputs such as HDMI and TOSLINK. However, there are a few viable ways to hook up soundbars to a turntable.

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Soundbar with analog input

soundbar with analog input for turntable

Integrating your turntable with a soundbar requires some attention to the type of inputs your soundbar supports:

Using analog AUX input: if your soundbar has an analog AUX input, and your turntable features a LINE output, you can directly connect them. An RCA to AUX cable would be suitable for this setup.

Direct RCA connection: some soundbars come equipped with RCA inputs. If both your soundbar and player support RCA connections, you can hook them up using an RCA cable.

For the finest audio experience, always ensure that the cables and connections are securely fastened and free from any physical obstructions or interference.

Connection using a separate phono preamp

When a turntable lacks a built-in phono stage, a separate phono preamp is essential to bridge the connection to a soundbar. The preamp amplifies the turntable’s signal to match the line-level input of the soundbar. Begin by connecting the turntable’s RCA outputs to the phono preamp’s inputs. Then, link the phono preamp’s outputs to the soundbar. Depending on your soundbar’s input type, you might need either an RCA-to-AUX or an RCA-to-RCA cable. This setup ensures a clear and amplified signal transmission from the turntable to the soundbar, enhancing the overall audio experience.

Bluetooth vinyl player

Bluetooth vinyl player

90% of all soundbars have Bluetooth connectivity. As you know, it allows you to stream music without the hated wires. The Bluetooth player can connect to most soundbars wirelessly. No cables are required.

Since many soundbars do not have an analog input, using Bluetooth may be the best way to connect your turntable to the soundbar. Nevertheless, the connection process itself depends on the player, so study the user manual to do everything correctly.

Regular turntable and Bluetooth adapter

Almost all soundbars have Bluetooth connectivity, but most turntables do not. If you have a regular record player and soundbar without an analog AUX input, a Bluetooth adapter is a perfect way to connect them. The Bluetooth adapter basically turns a regular turntable into a Bluetooth turntable.

The adapter must be connected to the analog outputs of the player. Thus, it transmits the music signal to the soundbar wirelessly.

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