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A Guide To Changing Songs On a Record Player

If you started to appreciate music and became a true connoisseur, bought yourself a vinyl turntable, and bought many records, you will probably come across the fact that you do not know how to skip songs on vinyl.

Indeed, vinyl records require high-quality care, regular cleaning, and so on. Their durability depends on the way they are handled. If it seems to you that it is impossible to skip songs, we will figure this out and decide whether it is so or not.

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How to change the song on the record correctly?

This is a very important process that requires a very caring attitude and, accordingly, careful actions. Damage to the paste will shorten its shelf life, and you may lose your valuable vinyl out of the blue. And so, to change songs on the player, you need:

  1. While rotating, gently lift the tonearm using the cue lever.
  2. Count the number of rings on the recording surface. They usually correspond to track numbers.
  3. Without using too much force, gently and gently lower the tonearm to the surface where the song you want to track begins.

While the three steps of this process look easy, keep in mind that this must be done with incredible care to avoid damaging the fragile coating.


Does skipping tracks damage the record?

Skipping songs on a turntable may not be the best idea. The slightest mistake can be costly: you risk damaging the equipment or the record itself. You can also accidentally drop the turntable arm onto a record, and it will end up scratching the entire record. Scratches significantly reduce the quality of the sound, sometimes accompanied by tears and distortion.

There is also a huge chance of damaging the beginning of the track by applying a lot of force to insert the needle. As a result, it may just get stuck in the groove.

Obviously, the sound quality is the most important, so you can change the songs by rearranging the needle as you like. But still, do it with great care. However, it’s best to train yourself to be patient by listening to the songs one at a time. This will help maintain the longevity of the records and avoid unwanted breakages at the most inopportune moments.

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