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How To Fix a Ground Loop

A ground cable can create a wide variety of problems, including the notorious hum that annoys everyone.
And yes, it is very good that you are interested in fixing the ground loop, which we will now look at.

Cable problems can be very diverse: from a banal weak connection to a hum of the ground loop that takes time to fix. A cable problem that causes noise from a building’s AC power lines to enter your equipment, called ground loop hum. Often this situation can be caused by a difference in the values ​​of the electrical potential at the ground points. As current flows through your system, a ground loop can create a circuit. The current goes from the ground of one device to the second device and then back to the first. This current is the biggest problem as it creates a hum when its path passes through the audio ground.

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How to eliminate ground loop

Of all the options available, the most affordable way to remove the ground loop hum is to replace the socket. This means that you need to connect the devices to a different outlet in a different circuit. Once you understand which part of the circuit is malfunctioning, it will be easy to fix.

However, replacing the outlet may not help ground looping. Then, you will need to consider several other options for fixing your equipment. Now we will consider them.

Silencer as a way out of the situation

You can use a device that resembles a muffler in principle. It’s called the Hum Eliminator. It is designed to destroy ground loops. The method of working with it is also quite simple: Hum Eliminator is installed between inoperative components of the circuit, and thus, it breaks the ground loop, removing unnecessary noise.

hum eliminator

Adding a direct box

A direct box can be added to the system, which will help remove unnecessary problems. It has a built-in grounding hoist that is designed to break the ground loop. As a result, it will allow you to enjoy great sound without lags and unnecessary hum.

These two options will help you troubleshoot unnecessary ground wire problems. During their operation, they insulate the cable shield to avoid grounding the equipment. As a result, it reduces hum and noise coming from the AC source.

The process of breaking the ground loop is the most important thing if you want to remove the raging hum. Although these methods look very simple and logical, they should only be used as a last resort because they can be dangerous. You, as a user, yourself understand that it is always better to contact a specialist who knows how to ideally solve the grounding problem.

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